A Mia&Lova we do not want anyone to be dissatisfied with their purchase, so if you are not satisfied you can send it back to us and we will refund the total amount of the returned items.


  1. The cost of returning to our warehouse is borne by the customer..
  2. Send an email to with the following information to notify the return: full name, address with zip code and province, phone number, order number, garment that you want to return and the transport company that you will use and wait for them to give you the OK to send in response to this email.
  3. Once they give you the OK, send the package and resend us their respective shipping receipt.
  4. Close the package very well with the garments you wish to return, each garment must be in perfect condition, with its respective label, no smell of washing or tobacco, no stains or breaks presumed to have been used.
  5. Inside the package place a note with your data:
  • Full name
  • Complete address with postal code and province
  • Telephone number
  • Order number to which each garment belongs.
  • If it is a change, you must also indicate the new garment you want and they will contact you once it arrives to inform you of its availability., that you make the income of the possible difference and the shipping costs of the new garment.

* Once you have the OK, go to a post office or the transport company of your choice and send it to the following address:

Education Street 17, corner Almeria Lower – Local Mostoles Madrid 28935 (premises with blue grid bars)

delivery schedule 9:00 a 13:00

(It is important to indicate that it must arrive in the morning, We will not go to any office to pick up returned packages that could not be delivered., It is your responsibility that the return arrives at our warehouse in perfect condition., in the schedule and deadlines established, We recommend sending it certified so that you can track the package)

The maximum period for the return to reach our warehouse is 14 calendar days from receipt of the order, If those days are exceeded we can not accept it, You will be informed by email that the return has exceeded the times or does not meet the requirements to return and the package will be resent to the customer.. We ask you to take this into account when selecting the shipping method..

Once we verify that the merchandise is in perfect condition and meets all the requirements for the return, within 7 a 24 working days approximately counting from the day it arrives at the warehouse, we will proceed to make the refund of all the items returned to the same means with which the purchase was made.

All those orders that have exceeded €100 and their shipping has been free, If you wish to return a garment, the initial shipping cost of €4.9-€5.5 will be deducted at the time of return, depending on the selection you had at the time of making the purchase..

Changes or returns of products purchased in LIQUIDATION are not allowed, REBAJAS OR EN PROMOCIÓN.

Changes or returns of party garments will not be accepted (sequin, glitter, rhinestones, velvet etc. ) past the 31/12/23, they must send the mail corresponding to the return before said date. All those people who wish to return party garments from the 1/01/23 will not be accepted.

Returns are not accepted outside of the European Community, canary and america

In the exceptional case that a return is accepted from the Canary Islands, all the corresponding customs fees must be paid., we will not take charge of them nor will we go to any agency to pick up packages or pay unpaid rates.

The cost of shipping to the Canary Islands in case a change is required must be paid by the client.

Those exclusive garments, under request and super delicate, there is no return either and it will be indicated in the product description.

Returns of accessories are not allowed unless it is due to damage..


Deadlines to notify defects, flaw, damage or similar (transparencies in the fabric are not considered defects) are from 24 hours after receiving the order, After that period, it is not considered that it has left our warehouse in that state, but rather that it has been due to mishandling and/or use by the client..

Send an email to


  • Full name
  • Complete address with postal code and province
  • Telephone number
  • Order number
  • Detail the incident, attach a photo of the order and a photo where we can see what happened.

If your package has been returned to our offices, why have you misplaced the address?, they can't deliver it or you have exceeded the time to pick it up at the office, You will have to pay again in shipping cost to have it sent again, if you no longer want it we will refund the cost of the returned garments (discounted shipping to and from our warehouse) as long as it does not exceed 1 month of having arrived back, If that time has been exceeded, you will not be able to refund the money for those items and if you still do not want it within a period of 3 months will be donated to charities; If, on the contrary, the error has been ours, it will be sent at no cost to the client again..